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26th-28th JULY 2019, SOMERSET UK

FF19 Logo Full - WEB


Tom Jenkinson, or Squarepusher, has been shifting musical frontiers for well over a decade and a half and is, simply, a musical vanguard. Farmfest welcomes his latest project, Shobaleader One, to the main stage for a phenomenal full band portrayal of Squarepusher classics from new album Elektrac (WARP Records).


Delivering choice tunes from albums like Hard Normal Daddy and Music is Rotted One Note, and with a mesmerising light show adding to what promises to be an otherworldly and unrelenting exploration of playfully warped electronic melodies, jazz drums and funk bass lines, this is a frenetic sonic assault to take us all to the peripherals of electronic music. And by the look and sound of things, that’s a pretty good place to be. You’d better get ready for this one!

Tickets for the weekend can be secured for as little as £25 with our deposit scheme. Get tickets here!