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26th-28th JULY 2019, SOMERSET UK

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Words & Wonder


Where words are woven and hearts are stolen. Join us and be enthralled by the extraordinary talent, energy, strength and delicacy of the spoken word artists.





Recently picked as one of the Best Spoken Word Nights in the UK by Picador Books, we’re delighted to have Milk Poetry join us on the farm again this year. Since its cider-soaked beginnings in the backrooms of bars and pubs, Milk Poetry brings together a delectable selection of performance poets from all over the world. Featuring the biggest names alongside exciting emerging acts, and hosted by the wonderful Malaika Kegode, the Milk performances will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and full to the brim with poetry goodness.

Milk Poetry will perform in The Acoustic Sett on Friday night and Saturday daytime, with the full line-up of wonderful word wizards listed below.


Malaika Kegode

“Malaika’s performances are warm, moving and thought-provoking. She shares her heart and pulls on yours. Audiences respond to her honesty and openness and she has crowds spellbound by poetry and stage presence.”
Thommie Gillow – Hammer & Tongue



Caroline Teague

Friday evening’s headliner, Caroline Teague is a London born and bred poet who writes pieces on loss, identity and how she comes to terms with some harrowing realities of being human and being alive. She calls her style ‘tragic optimism’ and hopes the honesty in her writing can translate into something positive and comforting for others.

Creator of the musical project Caroline Smiling which blends music, spoken word, illustration and other forms of communication to cross platforms for mental health and queer identity through creative means. A self proclaimed soft touch poet with some sharp edges.

Chris Redmond

Poet, musician, performer and producer – and our Saturday afternoon headliner. A regular at music and literature festivals both nationally and internationally, Chris has featured on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, XFM, CBBC and Sky Arts. His debut collection Let The Pig Out is published by Burning Eye. Sometimes he goes deep (ish). Other times he’s content to splash around happily in the shallows. Like a poetry narwhal, but skinnier and without the prongy bit.

Beth Calverley

Beth cut her first rhymes in the hilltop village of East Harptree, reciting shy poems to disinterested cows. Still grounded in mud and rooted in trees, her poetry lives under the skin of storytelling.

Graham Chilcott

Graham is a perpetual child determined to remain so, all though he finds that more and more difficult as he gets older.

Imogen Downes

Imogen has been inspired by words for as long as she can remember. She started writing poetry whilst still at junior school and began acting soon after. Influenced by the rawness of performance poetry and her experiences as a young woman, she began performing her writing 6 months ago, and since then has shared her work in a number of venues across Bristol and the South West. Having developed from a background in theatre, she draws on her experiences in storytelling and playwriting to create a strong blend of engaging performance and powerful writing. Whether humorous or cuttingly serious, Imogen’s work always aims to reveal something about the human condition; transcending everyday experiences to lay bare what it means to be human and to be treated inhumanely.
“Infectiously energetic and pink-haired glory”

Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher is a spoken word artist from Glasgow. She was a finalist for the Glasgow leg of Words First; a national collaborative project between BBC Radio 1xtra and the Roundhouse. She was also a finalist in the 2016 BBC Edinburgh Fringe Slam and has supported some of the UK’s top performers including Kate Tempest, Salena Godden, Hollie McNish and Luke Wright.

Michelle is currently a Resident Artist at the Roundhouse.

Ryan O’Shea

Ryan is a Bristol based Theatre maker, dabbling with words on the side; making, performing and producing work across the country. Honesty and play are at the forefront of his energetic, engaging work.

He is a workshop faciliatator, and as a theatre maker has collaborated internationally with artists such as El Conde de Torrifiel, Michael Pinchbeck and Reckless Sleepers.

Joe Beaumont-Howell

Joe is a performance poet and storyteller with a fondness for the beautifully broken. His heart warming, yet no nonsense approach to storytelling earnt him a residency at Camden’s iconic Roundhouse (2016-2017), along with the opportunity to share a bill with poetry titans Phil Jupitus, Salena Godden, Chris Redmond (Tongue Fu) and many others.

Sam Grudgings

Sometimes called the human hurricane of poetry, Sam is a poet and storyteller from Bristol.

With a frenetic delivery and off-kilter imagery, he’ll tell you a heck of a lot of things ranging from loss and addiction and occasionally all the way to werewolves.

Expect a whirlwind of adventure, tales to terrify, and campfire stories (bring your own marshmallows though).

Tom Dewey

Tom Dewey is a human being who likes words. He’s the youngest ever winner of the Bristol Open Slam (2015) and has won several other slams in his short time writing poetry.

Tom has been featured on BBC iPlayer working with Roundhouse, performed at The Bristol Old Vic & recently gave a TEDx Talk entitled How Poetry Saved My Life.

Currently, Tom is working on his debut play, Bottles.


Lights, camera, action… without the lights. In The Dark audio collective invite you to a communal, lights-out listening experience. Join them on a sonic and cinematic journey through some of the best audio stories from around the world. You can expect road trips, horror movies, sci-fi, romance, noir and art house. This is cinema for the mind’s eye – so close your eyes and listen hard.

In The Dark is an international collaborative project between a new generation of radio producers and radio enthusiasts, aiming to create a mini-revolution in the way people think about spoken-word radio. By lifting it out of its traditional settings and into unexpected spaces, In The Dark explore and celebrate sound in new and exciting ways.
In The Dark Radio